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I won't try to install a sense of false urgency with a arbitrary registration close time.

The truth is I am sending this to thousands of people that have done business with me and its open to all. I don't plan on stopping this any time soon though we will constantly be learning and changing the program to help you be more successful.

If starting the process of living a better, happier, more successful life is URGENT to you than that is the only reason you need to go ahead and just sign up now.

OR if you are not ready now, book mark this page and come back when you are ready.

What is the catch? Why is there no cost?

I love what I do. I also want to affiliate myself and my company with a community of growth minded people. Growing Pro Club is both a platform and a set of trainings that I have created for my own team internally because I don't want people working for me and or with me that don't have a deep internal purpose themselves. They go through this as part of their training. Selfishly speaking I see this as giant networking group and I also get a lot of energy by sharing my unique gifts with my fellow journeyers.

Who is Andy Morris?

First lets set the record straight. I'm no guru and have no desire to be your guru, your savior or set myself up to be worshipped as an idol. Heavens no! I'm a work in progress just like you. My company Realty Trust Services is a work in progress.

However I have been personally coached over the last 20 years by numerous business coaches and currently listen to or read 1 to 2 non fiction books a week. I've attended numerous seminars. In spite of all this though I can tell you that success

In 2000 at age 19 I started my business with the purchase of my first home. At the time I had finished my 3rd year of an electrical engineering degree at the university of Akron, yet I was so sick I didn't feel I was hirable by an employer so I felt my only option was to work for myself. I had a confusing chronic illness that the doctors didn't seem to understand and left me feeling utterly exhausted. Getting out of bed was daily struggle.

I flipped some houses and made some decent money for a young guy helping buy renovate and flip over 35 houses in spite of my personal issues but with the 2008 market collapse things went bad on every level.

I tried to do good things like adopt kids and be a good spouse and attend church. But in reality sometimes even doing your best in life gets you down and I had a foreclosure, a repossession, numerous credit card defaults and more.

Its the difficulties and how you respond that define you. Those hard times can lead to some the greatest learning and joy in your life as well as help you see a way to heal from the traumas of both childhood and adulthood. And sometimes they present you with gems that you could be gotten no other way.

For instance I remember crying on my wife shoulder about business reversals. My wife told me, "Andy, Its ok. I don't care if we lose the house and lose everything we have. You will have me and the kids and we will rebuild together." Sometimes you learn you have a wealth and prosperity that can't be taken from you. I can tell you as I am doing well that moment is one of the things my life that I treasure greatly.

Prosperity truly does start inside you. You may desire things and stuff. But if you don't have inner prosperity you will never get what you are really looking for inside even if you get the stuff out side you. The stuff is just a proxy (a substitute) for the inner prosperity you might not have even realized you needed. When you get prosperity inside first you will be able to actually enjoy it and appreciate the external trappings of success that come your way.

Our company Realty Trust Services has the tag line Growing PROsperity. I realized that real estate could be a vehicle to allow us to serve people in every walk of life. Good rental homes are provided to people so they have a stable environment to live in and grow and grow their families in. As a brokerage we sell people homes so that they can have a place to live that they can actually make all their own choices and also use as an investment to grow their financial prosperity. If they want to sell or upgrade as they progress we can help them with that. If they increase their reserves and increase their income homeowners can buy more properties and have rent them their fellow humans who will not only live in them and grow but also pay for that and pay for the property and thus provide an amazing retirement plan supporting people through their golden years.

But ultimately I realized that real estate was only a tool for the initiated. Its only a tool for those who have any sense of hope. Or a belief that they will grow and achieve. People have to have some sense of meaning in their life that even makes achieving something in life meaningful. So the is intended to be a platform to inspire people and hold them accountable to think do and be more perhaps rent, buy, sell, buy more, have us manage their homes and if we are really blessed have them join our team.

To truly grow your PROsperity you need to be a PROfessional human being. So here is to Growing PRO!


Life is a Journey!


John Dale, PM Specialist

John Dale has been consulting in the business of project management for nearly 25 years. He's worked with some of the biggest companies in the world. He'll be bringing his wealth of experience to share the best strategies for building a team around a specific project.


Jane Smith, Consultant

Jane Smith is the Global Project Manager for Big Tech Worldwide. She's managed teams ranging from 3 to 300 and will share her organizational strategies for almost any project.

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